Digital Caricatures

We do Professional digital caricatures which are caricatures which are HAND DRAWN using a computer system and a tablet device. These can be done from a live model or photographs. Using a projector or a display will give a large number of guests the oportunity to watch the progress.
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Digital caricatures are a big hit at events. We use Wacom technology and powerful computers to produce top quality Live Digital Caricatures. This is a perfect way to impress your guests. The artwork can be printed out, emailed to the client, saved on a USB stick, posted on facebook or twitter. All the above could take place realtime!

We have produced these for several clients. Coca Cola, HP, Xerox, Kraft Foods, Canderel, PCL, NAC, Telus, CIBS and Canadian Museum of Science and Tech to name a few.

Digital Caricatures are drawn the same way we draw them on paper therefore they are hand drawn. The difference is the medium. We draw them directly on a computer screen which has Wacom technology built into it. Same fab artwork comes to life right on the screen of the computer and could be replicated on a large screen using a projector or a monitor. We could even broadcast it over a live network so your coleages can view the progress at other geographical locations as well.

Caricature Artists in Canada:

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Digital Caricatures in Canada Success Stories:

We have drawn live digital caricatures in all major cities of Canada. Many happy clients have rehired us since 2005 when we started drawing digital caricatures at live events. Here are a few clients to note:

HBO: live digital caricatures in Toronto Ontario
Doxim: Digital caricatures in Vancouver British Culombia
Echelon: live digital caricatures in Banff Alberta
Microsoft: Digital caricature drawings - Toronto Ontario
Telus: Digital Caricature Art in Toronto Ontario
Ontario Science Centre: Toronto digital caricatures
Adobe: Toronto digital caricatures IBM: Digital caricatures - GTA and Toronto Ontario
Molson: Digital caricatures at their event in Toronto Ontario

Ontario Caricature ArtistsOttawa Caricature Artists

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